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Hiring East Rand Toilet Hire guarantees you will get the best service possible. For the past quarter of a century, East Rand Toilet Hire has serviced the people of South Africa with spotless, reasonably priced, and easily accessible portable toilets. Portable toilets and other facilities are available in quantities sufficient to meet your needs. Each of your high-end events will have access to clean restrooms thanks to our VIP facilities.

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Edenvale is a peaceful city that includes both middle- and upper-class neighbourhoods, such as Eastleigh and Dowerglen and Bedfordview, respectively. When looking to get away from the hectic pace of the city, many people choose to visit or live in Edenvale because of its peaceful atmosphere. It's home to the gorgeous and undulating Linksfield Golf Club, among other great places to play sports and relax.

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Located in the heart of Johannesburg and close to both the city centre and the airport, Edenvale is a highly desirable place to live. With its charming atmosphere and unparalleled convenience (it’s only nine kilometres from the nearest Gautrain station and only 12 kilometres from the dazzling city of Sandton), it is a popular option for families and young professionals.

Back in 1903, after the Boer War, a group of Cornish miners established themselves in a small village that would later become known as Edenvale.

Tobias Mynhardt once owned the land now known as Frank Marret Park, or Rietfontein No. 9.

Mynhardt divided the area into four sections in the early 1890s, selling Eastleigh to Father De Lacey and Edenvale to Mr. Amm, a prominent Johannesburg grocer.

Edendale was split in two when Mynhardt sold the majority to the Rietfontein Gold Mining Company and kept the rest for himself. The sold portion ran from the Modderfontein Boundary to the Elandsfontein station. After being established as a village in 1939, Edenvale was elevated to the status of Municipality in 1954.


The abundance of high-quality retail establishments in and around Edenvale is sure to delight shopaholics. The Terraces and Karaglen Square both feature popular stores like Woolworth's Food Store, Clicks, and Mugg & Bean, while Eden Terrace shopping mall in the affluent neighbourhood of Edenglen is home to a massive Pick 'n Pay. Linksfield Terrace, Dowerglen Plaza, The Glen Curv, Eden Meadows, and the brand-new Greenstone and Stoneridge Shopping Centers are just some of the other options for retail therapy in the area.

Edenvale has many options for those who are looking to get in shape, including a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities. Fans of indoor sports will appreciate Edenvale's Action Cricket, Action Soccer, and Indoor Beach Volleyball venues, while golfers and martial artists will appreciate the area's two golf clubs and two specialised schools. In addition to its many sports clubs, Edenvale also has a number of gyms that will appeal to treadmill enthusiasts, such as Curves - For Women, the Ultimate Fitness Centre, and the Virgin Active gym in Edenglen

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Edenvale?

East Rand Toilet Hire has been serving the people of Gauteng since its founding in 1994. The company is a pioneer in the field of temporary restroom provisioning, and it is wholly owned by people of African descent in South Africa. We're here to debunk the myth that black-owned companies can't be relied upon to deliver high-quality goods and services to the public. We have set a new standard for the Gauteng market of portable toilet rentals as a company that is majority black-owned.

Assured professionalism and thoroughness are yours from pre-planning to post-cleanup with us. Similarly, we place a premium on health and safety. When it comes to portable toilets, we at East  Rand Toilet Hire are confident in our position as market leaders. In and around Johannesburg, we offer our customers the finest in portable sanitation for any occasion.

Our rapid expansion can be attributed to the high quality of our services; our owner also pays frequent, unannounced visits to the office to make sure everything is running smoothly. To monitor how often and for how long each bathroom is serviced, we employ cutting-edge technologies such as satellite tracking.

By taking care of the boring but necessary details, we at East Rand Toilet Hire save our clients time and money so they can focus on what they do best.


What we offer

Use our portable toilet hire in Edenvale service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Within a 100km radius of Johannesburg, we are a provider of portable toilets for use at events, building sites, and other locations. We guarantee that your orders will be fulfilled in a timely manner, and that our goods will be ready for you to make use of at any time that you may desire them.

Customers can take advantage of our American-made Capitol Event Portable Toilets and Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilets. These layouts feature a toilet flushed with the user’s foot, a wash basin with access to clean water, and a water recycling system.

More about chemical toilets

When waste needs to be treated and deodorised, a chemical toilet is the way to go. It's different from the common toilet used in most households, which requires water to flush away waste. Commonly, these commodes are installed in remote areas where running water is not readily available.

Reservoirs in chemical toilets hold the particular chemicals—typically ammonia compounds—used to decompose human waste. Despite the fact that the toilet's chemicals significantly reduce odour, they do not fully cleanse the waste. It is still possible for harmful bacteria and other germs to be present in human waste that is recovered from this toilet.


When a chemical toilet's holding tank is full, the contents are evacuated and a new tank is installed. Since the chemicals contained within mean that they cannot be flushed down the toilet or put in a standard septic tank, the contents are often discarded at designated sites. In places where fresh water is scarce or difficult to obtain, these are a fantastic alternative.


Chemical toilets are standard in all porta-potties. When permanent restroom facilities are not yet available, such as at a building site, or when attendance at an event is expected to exceed the capacity of those facilities, portable toilets are frequently used.