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Event Portable Toilet hire

Affordable Mobile Toilet Hire in Gauteng

East Rand Toilet Hire is the industry leader in providing high-quality portable sanitation solutions throughout Gauteng. We offer portable toilets for events, building sites, mines, schools and other uses. From the first idea to the last detail of your event, we promise to provide you with the best service possible, while we carefully follow all safety and health rules and regulations.

Capitol Event Portable Toilet hire

Established in 1994, East Rand Toilet Hire began by providing a much-needed service to the local community. The company specialises in the rental of portable toilet facilities for celebrations and other special events.

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How do Chemical Toilets work?

Like a regular toilet, a portable toilet flushes and empties its contents into a holding tank, however this tank is not connected to the sewer system. The mobile toilet's tank is housed inside the unit, below the seat. There are chemicals in the tank that decompose the waste, kill the germs, get rid of the smell, reduce the amount of toilet paper.

A portable toilet can use either the water stored in an internal tank within the unit itself to flush, or the chemicals stored in the holding tank to flush. Because the waste and liquids are contained within the tank, regular portable toilets do not require access to running water or a sewer connection.

One can use their feet to activate the flusher. By using pressure generated by the pump, the water and/or chemicals in the tank are flushed down the toilet bowl's pipe and into the bowl. Service is performed on a regular basis to ensure that the mobile toilets are clean, stocked with toilet paper, and free of any lingering germs.

Event Portable Toilet hire

Why choose Us for Portable Toilet Rental

We started supplying portable toilets to the East Rand’s construction sites, civil engineering jobsites, and massive warehouses back in 2000, with a focus on steady expansion and excellent service.

Our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and attention to detail is reflected in the fact that we offer goods with the user’s comfort in mind. All our portable toilets are manufactured to exacting international quality standards using only the finest materials and are competitively priced to fit into any budget, no matter the size or scope of the event, project, or undertaking you have in the works.

Our rapid expansion can be attributed entirely to the quality of service we provide our clients, with regular surprise visits from the owner being just one more way we keep an eye on operations. 

We use cutting-edge technology, such as satellite tracking and asset tracking to monitor the frequency of restroom cleanings and the amount of time spent on each visit.

We are removing the stigma that is all too frequently linked with incompetence in service delivery by a black owned business. We have established a new norm with as a black owned businesses and have set a new standard for mobile toilet hiring companies in Gauteng.

The customer’s business gains both value and efficiency because of East Rand Toilet Hire’s provision of total peace of mind in connection with the work that we conduct, which frees the client to concentrate entirely on the operation of their own company.

Our Offer

Our Event Portable Toilets are imported from Europe. These units have re-circulating flush mechanisms a foot flush system and hand basin that can provide fresh water. We guarantee timely deliveries at all times, and our equipment will be ready and waiting for you whenever you need it.