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The toilets below are the toilets we have available for your special events. Please click on the photos for more information on the particular portable toilet.

Construction Toilet Hire & Shed Hire Hut Rental

Construction Toilet Hire & Shed Hire/Hut Rental

Portable, simple-to-setup toilets are a great way to ensure that construction workers have access to basic sanitary facilities.
Event Portable Toilet Hire

Event Portable Toilet Hire

Like a regular toilet, a portable toilet flushes and empties its contents into a holding tank, however this tank is not connected to the sewer system.
VIP Trailer Toilet

VIP Trailer Toilet

Our VIP Trailer Toilet is perfect if you need to provide a convenient and luxurious restroom for VIP guests at an outdoor event or construction site.

Septic Tanks

A septic tank is a sedimentation tank located below ground that is filled with water and used to treat wastewater through a combination of biological breakdown and drainage.
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