VIP Trailer Toilet

VIP Trailer Toilet hire

VIP Trailer Toilet Hire in Gauteng

Our VIP Trailer Toilet is perfect if you need to provide a convenient and luxurious restroom for VIP guests at an outdoor event or construction site. We've been the preferred provider for high-quality, conveniently located mobile restrooms throughout Gauteng, since 1994.


When it comes to delivering superior portable sanitation options, nobody does it better than East Rand Toilet Hire.  We assure you that we will be there for you every step of the way, from brainstorming to clean-up, to ensure that your event continues without any mishaps.

VIP Trailer Toilet hire

Within the market for toilet rental services, the VIP Trailer Toilet is by far the most preferred option for the provision of luxury restrooms. Each VIP Trailer can service up to 100 people.

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Why choose our VIP Trailer Toilet?

We offer portable toilet rental at the best price, with the best quality product, while we simultaneously endeavoring to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients with regard to the quality of our service and the way it is delivered.

Our rapid expansion can be directly related to the high level of service that we provide to our customers, and the fact that the owner makes regular unexpected visits is just one more way that he keeps an eye on how things are going. 

We have raised the bar for businesses that provide mobile toilet rental services in Gauteng, and we would be honoured to be of assistance to you at your next event.

VIP Trailer Toilet hire

What is a VIP Mobile Toilet?

The restroom contains individual stalls for men and women, each of which can be locked completely from the inside. In each individual stall is a sink, a dispenser of liquid soap, and a freshwater tap (not suitable for drinking). 

Along with paper towels and waste receptacles, we also give antibacterial hand soap, vanity mirror and a full flush toilet.

The VIP restroom trailer has a pump, a water supply tank and a sewage tank already built into it. The unit can be located independently from high capacity toilets that require a dedicated pump station in order to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency.

 It grants rental operators and event organisers the opportunity to position the trailer in secluded regions, such as backstage areas and zones with easy access.

The bathrooms make use of a recycling system. Two tanks located below the floor receive the waste from the toilet. The fluids and the solids are separated out in the tanks, and then the fluids are filtered before being pumped back into the cisterns to be utilised again. The basins receive their supply of fresh water from an above tank, which also acts as storage for the water.

Each individual stall comes equipped with its own LED lighting system, which emits a warm glow during the day and a clear view of the commode bowl at night. This lighting system requires very little energy from the battery that runs the toilet itself. The smell that is typically present in portable toilets and public restrooms is not present in these facilities since it is a closed coupled system.