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East Rand Toilet Hire has been providing clean, affordable, and easy-to-find portable toilets to the people of South Africa for the past 25 years. Portable toilets and other facilities are available in enough numbers to meet your needs. With our VIP facilities, all of your high-end events will have access to clean restrooms. If you hire East Rand Toilet Hire, you’re sure to get the best service possible.

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Bedfordview, South Africa, is a wealthy town in the Ekurhuleni area of the Gauteng Province. The farm Elandsfontein occupied a sizable portion of the Bedfordview area and was formally a part of the District of Potchefstroom in the South African Republic. Bedfordview's emblem, an Eland holding a fountain, recalls the town's roots as a rural community.

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In 1853, the government inspected the farm known as “Elands Vontyn,” and on June 17, 1867, the land was officially transferred to GPL van der Linden. The farm was subdivided but stayed in the family for many years. The Witwatersrand Gold Reef was a major factor in the development of the region. Many former miners moved to Elandsfontein when it was purchased for its mining rights and subdivided into smaller farms and small-holdings.

The majority of Bedfordview’s population of 22,000 speaks English as their primary language. One of the city’s most notable landmarks is the Eastgate Mall, and Airports Company South Africa is another. Bedfordview was coerced into being part of Germiston’s Transitional Council of Greater Germiston. Bedfordview is conveniently located near OR Tambo. The town is central to the commercial, industrial, and warehousing activity of South Africa.

The highways in Bedfordview also make it simple to get to Sandton, Johannesburg, and the East Rand. The Pink Cabs, Sandton Taxi Cabs, Corporate Cabs, or Cabs Car Hire Johannesburg can take you from Johannesburg to Bedfordview in about 17 minutes.

In addition to Bedford Centre and Bedford Square, Bedfordview is home to the bustling and newly renovated Eastgate Shopping Mall, which features a wide variety of stores, an indoor amusement park, and some of the best restaurants in the city.

Walking trails and picnic spots are just two of the many family-friendly activities available in Bedfordview. There are plenty of places to play sports, and people of all faiths can find a place to worship. On top of that, Bedfordview still has a thriving café culture, and a simple drive through its streets on a Saturday morning will reveal a population that is health-conscious, family-oriented, and fond of luxury brands and sports automobiles.

St. Benedict's Boys School, St. Andrew's Girls School, Bedfordview Christian School (coed primary), Saheti School (coed), Bishop Bavin (coed), Reddam House (coed), Bedfordview Primary and Bedfordview High Schools (government coed), and Leeuwenhof School (coed pre-primary/primary & high) can all be found in this highly desirable neighbourhood.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Bedfordview?

Since its foundation in 1994, East Rand Toilet Hire has been servicing the people of Gauteng. The company is a pioneer in the provision of portable restrooms and is fully owned by South Africans of African origin. We are here to dispel the idea that black-owned businesses cannot be depended upon to provide the public with high-quality goods and services. As a majority-black-owned firm, we have established a new benchmark in the Gauteng portable toilet rental sector.

Our rapid expansion is attributable to the great quality of our services, and our owner makes periodic, unannounced office checks to ensure everything is functioning smoothly. We deploy cutting-edge technologies such as satellite tracking to monitor the frequency and duration of the restroom service.

We at East Rand Toilet Hire save our clients time and money by handling the tedious but necessary aspects so they can focus on what they do best.

With us, you can expect expertise and thoroughness from pre-planning to post-cleanup. Likewise, we place a high value on health and safety. We at East Rand Toilet Hire are confident in our leadership position in the portable toilet business. We provide our customers in and around Johannesburg with the highest quality portable toilets for any occasion.


What we offer

Use our portable toilet hire in Bedfordview service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Customers can take advantage of our Capitol Event Portable Toilets and Capitol DeLuxe Event Portable Toilets that are built in the United States. These designs include a foot-flush toilet, a wash basin with access to clean water, and a water recycling system.

Within a 100-kilometer radius of Johannesburg, we offer portable toilets for festivals, construction sites, and other areas. We ensure that your orders will be delivered in a timely way and that our products will be available to you whenever you require them.

More about chemical toilets

A chemical toilet is distinguished by its use of chemical compounds that inhibit and disinfect the bacterial breakdown of urine and faeces. Thus, the development of decay and odour processes is slowed or halted. Despite the fact that chemical toilets can be used without a water connection, they cannot function without water or the aforementioned chemical liquids, so they are not considered dry toilets.

They are utilised primarily in "portaloos" or fixed tank toilets, on-board toilets of transportation vehicles, garden sheds, and mobile homes. In the camping industry, they are commonly referred to as "chemical cassette toilets." Depending on the location of use, there are a variety of chemical toilet designs, ranging from fixed to foldable and portable, with portability being one of their primary benefits.

The fact that no water connection is required and the obvious benefit of odour prevention due to chemical substances gave the chemical toilet an undisputed position at the top of the event facility option.

However, there are many risks associated with the use of chemistry. Since sewage treatment plants are dependent on the natural decomposition processes of the excretions, which are being suppressed by the chemical additives, the waste from such toilets must only be disposed of in places that are specifically designed for this. Chemical sanitary additives must be handled with extreme caution because they not only pose a threat to human health, but also to the ecosystem if they come into contact with it. Currently, there are additives that are advertised as being 100% biodegradable, but even these are not wholly harmless to the environment. Therefore, a responsible approach to the use of these substances is an absolute necessity.