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The portable toilets provided by East Rand Toilet Hire are the cleanest, most comfortable, and most easily accessible in the industry. We provide portable toilets to a variety of Rosebank locations for use at events, construction sites, and more. We guarantee the utmost professionalism and thoroughness throughout the entire process, from preliminary planning to post-event cleanup. When it comes to health and safety, we don’t take any chances and always play by the rules.

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Located to the north of the city centre of Johannesburg, Rosebank is a bustling commercial and residential suburb with a diverse population. It's the site of a Gautrain station and can be found in Region B of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, of which Rosebank is a part, is only five kilometres (3.1 miles) away, earning it the nickname "the new Sandton" among South Africans.

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These lands were originally Mr. Lorenco’s farm, which he named Rosemill Orchards. In 1896, auctioneer Richard Currie began selling plots in the vicinity. The City Council renamed the streets after British admirals who served in World War I in 1919. Trolley bus service first began in Rosebank and Dunkeld. A group led by Cecil Behrmann bought the property at the southwest corner of Oxford Road and Tyrwhitt Avenue in 1945. In 1950, construction began on the first of many additions to the property.

Eventually he sold off his stake, but the location was so promising that many other builders followed suit, and Rosebank quickly rose to prominence as one of Johannesburg’s most coveted retail districts. In 1972, Swedish architect Max Kirchhoffer planned a high-density residential and commercial district between Oxford Road and Jellicoe Avenue, as well as Jan Smuts Avenue and Biermann Avenue. Rosebank Mall, the Firs, and Mutual Square all quickly rose to popularity after the 1976 launch of an R15 million shopping centre on Oxford Road. The developers then built office buildings such as Standard Bank and Johnnic Properties.

Rosebank is a popular gathering spot and shopping destination for young professionals, celebrities, designers, and the gay community due to the abundance of upmarket shopping malls in the area. The Design District in Rosebank is home to a lively bar and club scene with popular spots like Marble Restaurant, Molokai, Capital Cafe, The Bank, and Sumo Nightclub. The suburb is home to several five-star hotels, as well as the African Craft Market and the Rooftop Market, also known as the “Rosebank Flea Market”. Joburg’s annual gay pride parade travels through Rosebank before ending at Zoo Lake.

Located in the heart of Rosebank’s bustling pedestrian-friendly retail node, The Zone @ Rosebank is an integrated mixed-use development that features retail, office, and hotel space.

Cradock Square, Regents Place, The Zone Boulevard, The Zone Phase 2, and The Zone are the five buildings that make up The Zone. The Rosebank Mall, directly adjacent to the centre, has recently undergone a major renovation. There is a high concentration of commercial points and wealthy surrounding suburbs in central Johannesburg and the Parks, where it is located. Rosebank is a well-established and fashionable node.

The Zone has distinguished itself from competing retail developments by portraying a multicultural and laid-back atmosphere popular among shoppers. One of the many popular tourist spots in Johannesburg is the African Craft Market. The heart of Rosebank is filled with restaurants, shops, and entertainment that showcase African culture. Both locals and visitors flock to the Craft Market. Here you will find authentic African antiques and artefacts of the highest quality.


The Firs Shopping Centre, which features two art galleries, is located right next to the Park Hyatt Hotel, making it easy for guests of the hotel and passing tourists to stop in, as well as a pleasant spot for the locals to relax.

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We are Level 1 BBBEE toilet rental leaders. As a group, we're attempting to dispel the stereotype that consumers can't put their faith in companies run by people of colour. We set the Gauteng portable toilet rental market standard as a majority black-owned company.

Our products are comfortable and reflect our quality, cleanliness, and attention to detail. We have a portable toilet for every event, project, and budget. Our toilets meet international quality standards and use premium materials.

East Rand Toilet Rental has serviced Gauteng since 1994 and is ready for any situation. Every quote is delivered the same day, usually within an hour. We have an emergency contact line and a 24/7 logistics manager.


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Use our portable toilet hire in Rosebank service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. We ensure that all of our deliveries will arrive on schedule, and that all of our equipment will be installed and ready for you whenever you require it. Because we have such a large fleet of service vans, we are able to perform weekly upkeep on more than 5,000 different amenities.


Our Capitol Event Portable Toilets and Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilets are both manufactured and distributed in the United States of America. These units also include a foot flush system and a hand basin that can supply clean water, ensuring that no water is lost during the flushing process.

More about chemical toilets

Chemical toilets are any toilet with a tank that requires a chemical toilet additive, whether the tank is portable or fixed. Chemical toilet additives include deodorants, bactericides, bacteriostats, micro-biocides, chemical reactants, surfactants, and enzymatic agents.

Chemical toilets need water or chemical liquids to work, even without flowing water. Chemicals pose several risks. The natural breakdown processes of excretions are used by sewage treatment plants, however chemical additions hinder these processes, thus waste from these toilets must be disposed of in places designed for this purpose.

All chemical toilets work the same way. Chemicals treat solid and liquid waste in the same container. The chemicals sterilise and speed up the chemical decomposition of urine, faeces, and toilet paper, making it easier to discharge the collecting container afterwards.

Did you know that the portable toilet placed at the front of a queue is typically the least utilised? Individuals usually continue going if there is a long line at the first potty they encounter, expecting that others have the same idea. When you need to use a portable toilet, take advantage of the herd mentality and go to the first stall in the row.