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As a company dedicated solely to providing portable toilets for events, East Rand Toilet Hire has been serving the Greater Johannesburg area since its inception in 1994. The black townships were the birthplace of one of Gauteng’s largest toilet rental companies, which got its start renting out restrooms for traditional African rites like weddings and funerals. Renting out restroom facilities is now something we do for festivals, mines, building sites, TV studios, informal settlements, and educational institutions.

Cost-effective convenience in Moot

Pretoria Moot is located north of the city's downtown. North of it is either Skurweberg or Vlakkopies, while to the south lies Meintjieskop. People of all ages continue to return to the Pretoria Moot area, contributing to the area's unique "urban village" atmosphere and the strong sense of community found there. Residents are  actively working to preserve the tranquil environment and hire  private security firms to assist in crime prevention. 

Construction Toilets hire

The South African police force has publicly expressed its approval of this strategy. Because of its singular character and semi-rural location, the area continues to be a popular choice and is appreciating in value. The Academic Hospital, which is only three kilometres away, is yet another feature that sets this neighbourhood apart. Numerous specialists, both departing and arriving each year, prefer to purchase homes in close proximity to the hospital for the duration of their respective specialisations. Students and working adults alike have made the Moot region a top destination. There are 42 different elementary and secondary institutions in the area. In these suburbs, students can easily stroll to their schools.

Most of the Moot's outer neighbourhoods had their start in the twentieth century. Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, was inaugurated in the Pretoria Moot area. You will find the South African presidency and other government offices in the Union Buildings, which are lo-cated in the Moot.

The Moot is now home to the Department of Foreign Affairs's administrative headquarters. Because of this, the need for homes for sale in the region has increased significantly. The Moot also houses the Pierneef Theatre.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Moot?

We have set the standard for portable toilet rental as a top-tier BBBEE company. All our services are guaranteed to be delivered the very same day (often within an hour). Should you have any queries or issues, our logistics manager is available 24/7, and our emergency contact line is always in service. Over 5,000 restrooms are serviced by our fleet of service vehicles every week.

The pumping of septic tanks is another service we offer. Our rapid growth may be ascribed solely to the exceptional value we offer to our customers. Using cutting-edge technology like Satellite Tracking, we can keep tabs on how often and for how long each bathroom is serviced.


What we offer

Construction Site Portable Toilet Rentals and Temporary Structures

Installing portable, simple toilets is a great way to ensure that construction workers have access to basic sanitation services.


Affordable Toilet Hire for Your Next Event

Portable toilets, like regular toilets, collect waste in a tank, but unlike regular toilets, their tanks are not hooked up to the city’s sewage system.

Luxurious Mobile  Restroom Facilities

Our VIP Trailer Toilet is the perfect solution if you have important guests at an outdoor event or construction site and you need to provide them with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing restroom.

Treatment Facilities with Aeration

The septic tank uses a combination of biological decomposition and drainage to treat wastewater.

More about chemical toilets

Since chemical toilets use less water and energy to process human waste, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional septic systems and sewage treatment plants. However, these systems can break down under extreme conditions, potentially poisoning nearby water sources. Biochemical toilets use chemicals to speed up the decomposition of waste and reduce the volume of trash that must be transported through traditional sewage systems. Since they don't require a connection to a water pipe, they can be utilised anywhere, not just in urban areas. As an added bonus, they save water that would otherwise be wasted by conventional restrooms.


There are a number of ways in which portable toilets save money:

  • They are a practical and inexpensive choice for temporary facilities like those at outdoor events, building sites, and other such places due to their portability and versatility in terms of installation.
  • They can be cheaper to set up and maintain because they do not need to be linked to an existing sewage or septic system.
  • They are more cost-effective than older models since they require less water for flushing.
  • They require little in the way of upkeep and are simple to clean, which can help save expenses.
  • They're built to last, so long as they're cared for properly, thanks to the high quality of their materials. This can help you avoid spending as much money on regular replacements.
  • The variety of models available for rental is convenient and helps offset the expense of outright purchase.