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Since its start in 1994, East Rand Toilet Hire has served the Greater Johannesburg region as a company completely devoted to the provision of portable toilets for events. One of Gauteng’s biggest toilet rental companies got its start in the black townships, renting out bathrooms for traditional African ceremonies like weddings and funerals. Today, we rent out bathroom facilities to events, mines, construction sites, TV studios, unincorporated areas, and educational institutes.

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Located north of Johannesburg in South Africa lies the upscale suburb of Northcliff. Situated on Northcliff Ridge, residents of this neighbourhood can take in breathtaking views of both the city skyline and the verdant northern suburbs. The sprawling mansions of Northcliff are tucked into the hillside, and the surrounding suburbs of Fairlands, Blackheath, Cresta, and Berario can be found just below. Some of Northcliff's more affluent neighbourhoods' streets were recently boomed to increase privacy and protection for its wealthy homeowners.

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The area was formerly part of a farm known as Waterval, which was located in the Witwatersrand. On October 3, 1934, it was formally founded and given the name of the nearby northerly ridge. It is estimated that people have lived on Northcliff Hill for more than 250,000 years. The cliffs got their other name, Aasvolkop (Vulture Ridge), since vultures used to live there before the area was developed. The ridge, which is just one metre shorter in height than Observatory Ridge, is the second highest point in Johannesburg. Various animals call its three distinct biomes home. Typical of Northcliff Hill homes are expansive gardens that have matured into park-like settings. Newer construction in the western expansions is aimed at a more modernist demographic. The absence of manufacturing and business districts is noticeable.

Nearby in the area of Cresta is one of the largest shopping malls in Johannesburg, which serves the residents of Northcliff. You can easily reach Northcliff Corner, The Verdi Centre, Heathway Square, and Home Living Design Centre, as well as many more smaller suburban shopping cen-tres. Northcliff is the location of Marang House, a facility for terminally ill kids. Northcliff High School is really in Blackheath, however it gets its name from the nearby neighbourhood.

The suburb is less than half an hour from popular attractions like the Lion Park and the Cradle of Humankind, as well as the glitz and glamour of Monte Casino and Silverstar Casino.

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We are a top-tier BBBEE organisation, and as such, we have established the benchmark for the rental of portable toilets. The delivery of each of our services is ensured to take place on the very same day (often within an hour). In the event that you have any questions or concerns, our logistics manager is available around the clock, and our emergency contact line is kept operational at all times. Every week, our fleet of service vehicles visits more than 5,000 bathrooms and cleans and maintains them.


What we offer

Portable toilets and sheds/huts are available for rent for use at construction sites, events, and other outdoor gatherings. Not only do we offer conventional, accessible, and urinal portable toilets, but also hand-washing stations and waste management services. Additionally, we have hut and shed rentals available for use as short-term workplaces or storage facilities. All of our services are geared at ensuring that our clients have access to clean, comfortable, and secure environments that are tailored to their individual requirements. To ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, consider using our portable toilet rental service. The demand for restrooms is universal across a wide range of event kinds, from large-scale music festivals and weddings to smaller-scale community meetings and athletic events. To ensure that visitors to your event have a pleasant and sanitary restroom experience, many portable toilets come furnished with amenities like paper towels, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizers. In most cases, we supply the restrooms, put them up, ensure they stay in working order throughout the event, and then remove them. The objective is to keep the restrooms that event-goers use clean and easily accessible.

Our VIP restroom trailer is a fully functional toilet, ideal for outdoor gatherings and job sites. The upscale fixtures and fittings, including flushing toilets, sinks, and air conditioning, are aimed at making the user’s time in the restroom relaxing and stress-free. As a result of its portability, the trailer finds widespread application at social gatherings like weddings, concerts, and festivals. If you don’t have access to a municipal sewer system, you might be using one of our septic tanks, which are underground structures used to treat wastewater. Usually constructed from concrete, fibreglass, or plastic, these devices are used to cleanse wastewater by separating scum and solids before discharging the liquid effluent into a drain field. Regular maintenance and pumping of septic tanks is necessary to avoid solids buildup and drain field damage.

More about chemical toilets

The mobility and simplicity of use of a chemical toilet are two of the device's most appealing qualities. Because they are easy to transport, don't take up much space, and don't require any external connections to water or sewer lines, chemical toilets are an excellent choice for usage in secluded areas or at events held outside. In addition to this, they use chemicals to decompose the waste and eliminate odours, both of which contribute to the toilet remaining clean and hygienic.


Additionally, some chemical toilets feature a waste tank that is contained within the unit itself. This waste tank can be simply removed and emptied, which makes these toilets a choice that is both handy and practical for short-term use.


We have a large selection of portable toilets available for lease or renting. We provide a complete package — high-end restroom trailers, VIP portable toilets, regular chemical toilets, and restroom trailers for construction sites. We have been a frontrunner in the toilet rental industry for over 15 years, and our dedication to our customers, product excellence, and dependability have made us an industry leader.