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If you need a reliable and high-quality portable toilet, go no further than East RandToilet Hire. We provide temporary restroom facilities for gatherings, construction sites, and other locations in and around Gauteng. We guarantee to give you our full attention from the moment you get a concept for your event to the very end and while we strictly adhere to all health and safety laws.

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Fourways, one of Johannesburg's most populous and prosperous commercial districts, was clearly planned and developed with a specific end in mind. There are a total of eight other suburbs in the area, as well as three luxury estates that are well-known throughout the province.


Magaliessig, Norscot, Fourways, Lonehill, Beverly, Norscot Slopes, Craigavon, and Broadacres are all nearby suburbs. Dainfern, Fernbrook Estate, and Cedar Lakes are the three extraordinary estates that offer luxurious living.

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Fourways, in the posh Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, is a beautiful and highly sought-after neighborhood known for its pleasant climate and easy access to high-end shopping at any time of the day or night.

Despite its present-day prominence as a bustling business and residential area, Fourways had modest beginnings. In the early 1940s, the Erikson family set aside land for a wildlife preserve on their tiny farm, which became known as Fourways. Norscot Manor, an impressive mansion, can be found at this site. This prestigious estate was purchased by the Norscot neighbourhood association in 1970.

The mansion was instrumental in shaping modern day Fourway, and it still serves as a major tourist destination. Nowadays, the mansion is open to the public as a museum, gallery, and shop for tourists.

A trip to Fourways from either the airport or the heart of Johannesburg takes about 30 minutes.

From the N1, travelers can go either R511 William Nicol Drive or R564 Witkoppen Road into Fourways. The majority of its territory lies under Region E of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

The Fourways Mall, the largest retail centre in the area, is a shopper’s dream. Don’t worry if that shopping centre isn’t your cup of tea. Sandton City, Woodlands Boulevard, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Brightwater Commons, Hyde Park Mall, Cresta Shopping Centre, and Boulders Mall are just some of the many alternatives in the surrounding areas.


The world-famous Montecasino has all the glitz and elegance you could want. The high-end entertainment complex has a lot of places to shop, play games, and have fun. A wide variety of outdoor activities such as abseiling, river rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, bird viewing, fishing, and golf are available to the people of Fourways.

Life Fourways Hospital, Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, and Mediclinic Sandton are just a few of the many hospitals and clinics in and around the larger Fourways area that provide first-rate medical care and services.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire?

East Rand Toilet Hire, which has been around since 1994, offers a much-appreciated service to the neighbourhood. The business is 100% black-owned and operates as a provider of portable toilets for weddings, festivals and other occasions.

With a focus on modest, steady growth and good service, we began providing portable toilets to East Rand construction sites, civil engineering jobsites, and enormous warehouses in the year 2000.

Goods we provide are designed with the user's convenience, cleanliness, and satisfaction in mind because of our dedication to these values. Our portable toilets are affordable no matter the scale of your event, project, or other endeavour since they are all made to the highest international quality standards using the highest quality materials.

Aside from keeping a close watch on things in other ways, the owner also likes to pay unexpected trips to the office on a regular basis to see how things are going. To keep tabs on how often and for how long each restroom is serviced, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment like Satellite Tracking.


What we offer

We are a supplier of portable toilets that may be used at events, construction sites, and other locations within a radius of 100km of the city of Johannesburg. We guarantee that all of your orders will be completed and sent in a timely manner, and that you will have access to all of our items at any time in the future when you may have a requirement for them.


Both the Capitol Event Portable Toilets and the Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilets are available to our customers. Each of these products are made in the United States. These setups include a toilet that needs to be flushed with the user’s foot, a wash basin with clean water available, and a water recycling system.

More about chemical toilets

A portable toilet, much like a standard toilet, has a flushing mechanism and dumps its waste into a holding tank; however, unlike a standard toilet, this tank is not connected to the municipal sewage system. The holding tank for the portable toilet can be found inside the unit, beneath the toilet seat. There are chemicals in the tank that break down the waste, eliminate the germs, neutralise the odour, and cut down on the amount of toilet paper that is needed.


When flushing, a portable toilet has the option of using either the water that is stored in a tank that is an integral part of the unit itself or the chemicals that are stored in the holding tank. Regular portable toilets do not need access to running water or a sewer connection because the waste and liquids are confined within the tank of the toilet itself.


To trigger the flusher, one can choose to use either their hands or their feet. The water and/or chemicals that are contained in the tank are flushed down the pipe that connects the tank to the bowl of the toilet using the pressure that is generated by the pump. The portable toilets are serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they are spotless, equipped with sufficient amounts of toilet paper, and clear of any germs that may still be there.


The concept behind chemical toilets is consistent regardless of the brand, model, or setting in which they are installed. It is common practise to use a single container for the collection of both solid and liquid waste, which is followed by treatment with chemicals.