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Since its start in 1994, East Rand Toilet Hire has been helping the people of Gauteng. The company was one of the first to provide temporary restrooms, and it is owned entirely by people of African descent in South Africa. As a company that is mostly owned by black people and rents out portable toilets in Gauteng, we have set a new standard.

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Germiston is a sizable suburb in the East Rand region of the expansive Gauteng province. Because of this, many people think of the destination as a small town or city inside a larger, more spread-out city. The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has jurisdiction over this area. Nearby suburbs include Bedfordview, Primrose, and Wadeville, and it's also a short drive from downtown Johannesburg.

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Situated at an altitude of 1,690 metres above sea level, Germiston is South Africa’s busiest rail junction and home to numerous train maintenance facilities. Established in 1886, following the discovery of gold in the area, Germiston is a key player in the Rand goldfields. The town was incorporated in 1903, and in 1950 it was elevated to city status.

Some of humanity’s earliest artefacts were discovered in the neighbouring Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves, earning this area of Gauteng the nickname “the Cradle of Humankind.”

Webber Road, Menin Road, Hamilton Road, Namur Road, Liege Road, Ostend Road, Power Street, Galway Street, La Bassee Road, and La Cateau Road are some of the major thoroughfares that link Germiston to the rest of Gauteng and the country.

Germiston is conveniently situated near OR Tambo International Airport, which can be reached in a quick 20-minute drive, give or take five min depending on traffic, over a distance of 15 to 20 kilometres. Traveling from Germiston to Park Station in the core regions of Johannesburg takes roughly the same time, depending on traffic. Rand Airfield, another nearby airport, is privately owned and serves primarily as a training ground for pilots.

A number of excellent medical facilities, including Bertha Gxowa Hospital, Life Roseacres Hospital, Bedford Gardens Hospital, Knights Chest Hospital, Life Occupational Health, and Waverly Care Centre, are located in close proximity to Germiston.

Shopping in and around Germiston is a breeze. In addition to the Germiston Meadowdale Mall, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Bedford Village Shopping Centre, Albemarle Shopping Centre, Southern Shopping Centre, Dekema Mall, and Bedford Arcade, there are also the Germiston Golden Walk Complex, Southern Shopping Centre, Albemarle Shopping Centre, and Albemarle Shopping Centre.

With Alberton, Boksburg, Bedfordview, and Johannesburg South all within easy driving distance, it's convenient to live here for getting to and from work and other destinations. The closeness of the community and the convenience of its location combine to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere. For those who appreciate beautiful buildings, this city is a hidden treasure.

It offers the best of both worlds, since it is located close to the entertainment hub of Johannesburg as well as close to several natural and wildlife attractions.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Germiston?

East Rand Toilet Hire is committed to providing you with the highest standard of service. East Rand Toilet Hire has been providing the people of South Africa with clean, affordable, and easily accessible portable toilets for the past 25 years. We have a sufficient supply of portable toilets and various types of facilities to suit your requirements in the quantities that you require. With our VIP bathrooms, everyone at your upscale gatherings will feel comfortable and fresh.

When you work with us, you can be rest assured that our pre-planning through post-cleanup services will be carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. In a same vein, we place a high priority on the health and safety of our employees. East Rand Toilet Hire is self-assured about its position as the industry leader when it comes to the rental of portable toilets, and we say this with confidence. Our customers in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas have access to the most advanced portable sanitation options suitable for any event.

We at East Rand Toilet Hire save our customers time and money by attending to the tedious but essential particulars so that they are free to concentrate on the aspects of their business at which they excel.


What we offer

We are a provider of portable toilets for use at events, construction sites, and other areas within a radius of 100km of the city of Johannesburg. We promise that all of your orders will be processed and shipped in a prompt way, and that all of our products will be available for you to use at any point in the future that you might have a need for them.


Customers have access to our Capitol Event Portable Toilets and Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilets, both of which are manufactured in the United States. In these configurations, there is a toilet that requires the user to flush it with their foot, a wash basin that provides access to clean water, and a water recycling system.

More about chemical toilets

Any toilet with a tank for holding human waste that also requires the addition of a chemical toilet additive is considered a chemical toilet, regardless of whether the tank is portable or permanently fixed. Any chemical, biological, or other substance used as a deodorant, bactericide, bacteriostat, microbiocide, chemical reactant, surfactant, or enzymatic agent is considered a "chemical toilet additive."


While chemical toilets can be used in the absence of running water, they still require the addition of water or the aforementioned chemical liquids in order to perform their intended function. There are many dangers associated with chemical use as well. Sewage treatment plants rely on the natural decomposition processes of excretions, but these are inhibited by the chemical additions, thus the waste from these toilets must be disposed of in sites built for this purpose.


Chemical toilets are based on the same idea no matter the make or model or where they are used. Both the solid and liquid waste products are collected in the same container, and then treated using chemicals. Since the chemicals sterilise and speed up the (chemical) decomposition of urine, faeces, and any additional toilet paper, they make it easier, if not more pleasant, to empty the collecting container at a later time.