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East RandToilet Hire is the undisputed leader in the portable sanitation industry. We service the Johannesburg area with portable toilets for events, construction projects, and more. From initial planning to final cleanup, we promise nothing but the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. At the same time as we follow all regulations concerning health and safety.

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The city of Johannesburg, South Africa's largest, is among the world's 50 largest metropolitan areas. It is the economic and financial heart of South Africa. As a result of the finding of gold in the area in 1886, Johannesburg quickly rose to prominence and became one of the world's youngest major cities. The city is now located inside the province of Gauteng , Sotho for "Place of Gold”.

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While most of the city’s gold mines shut down in the 1970s, the Witwatersrand gold sector formerly accounted for more than 40% of global yearly gold production. There are still rusty pieces of equipment, huge yellow and white mine dumps, and dusty groves of Australian bluegum trees that were imported for use as underground timber.

Some of the highest buildings on the African continent can be seen in Johannesburg, such as the Carlton Centre, Ponte City Apartments, Sentech Tower, and Hillbrow Tower.

Several multinational corporations including IBM, Absa, BHP Billiton, Willis Group, First National Bank, Nedbank, and Standard Bank shape the city’s skyline.

A lot of the older buildings were demolished and replaced with newer, more modern ones. About eight million people call urban Johannesburg home.

Nearly 20 kilometres southwest of Johannesburg is the town of Soweto. This section was designated for segregation purposes. A lot of the black workers in the area were residing in corrugated iron shacks.

It was there that the fight for democracy really got started with the Soweto uprising in 1976  being a significant milestone in the struggle.

After their merger in 1994, Soweto became an integral part of Johannesburg. The cluster of towns located just outside of Johannesburg is now officially recognised as a city.

The city of Johannesburg is often cited as one of the world's greenest. According to experts, the city is home to six million trees, with that number increasing annually by one million. There are an additional 4.8 million trees in home gardens. The Johannesburg Botanical Garden is a popular park for locals and visitors alike.

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Why choose us for portable toilet rental in Johannesburg

Eastrand Toilet Hire was established in 1994 and has since been there for the people of Gauteng in their time of need. The business specialises in the rental of portable toilets for events and is wholly owned by people of African descent.


Our quick expansion can be attributed to the high quality of services we offer to our clients, and our owner pays frequent unannounced checks to make sure everything is working well. To monitor how often and for how long each restroom is cleaned, we use cutting-edge technologies like satellite tracking.


Our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and attention to detail is shown in the fact that we prioritise the convenience of our customers while designing new goods. We can provide a portable toilet that is both suitable for your needs and affordable, regardless of the scale of your event, project, or other endeavour. Every one of our loos is made with care and precision to meet the highest standards of quality all over the world.


By taking care of everything related to the job, East Rand Toilet Hire helps our clients save time and money while letting them to focus on their core competencies.


We are striving to disprove the common belief that consumers can't rely on black-owned companies to deliver high-quality goods and services. We have set a higher standard for the industry of renting portable toilets in Gauteng as a company that is primarily owned by black people.


What we offer

We pledge that all of our deliveries will arrive on time, and that all of our equipment will be properly installed and prepared for you at any time that you may have a need for it. Both the Capitol Event Portable Toilet and the Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilet that we provide were produced in the United States of America before being brought to South Africa for distribution by our organisation.

These models come included with a foot flush system, a hand basin that may offer clean water, and flushing mechanisms that recycle waste water from the water used to flush the toilet.

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There were reportedly 5,000 portable toilets present at the inauguration of US President Obama. To the untrained eye, this may seem like a lot, but a quick calculation shows that even with that many toilet seats available, they had their job cut out for them. There were 1.8 million people there, thus each facility could have held 360 users.


The use of portable toilets is an excellent way to reduce waste. Portable toilets save on water usage because they do not have a flushing mechanism. About 90% less water is used when compared to the average toilet. The portable toilet has a long track record, dating back to World War II, when delays in shipbuilding were caused by workers taking long pauses to use the potty.


When it comes to larger, finer events in Gauteng, VIP mobile toilets from East Rand Toilet Hire are the way to go. You'll get more bang for your buck at these deluxe changing room and restroom rentals, which are far more spacious than their standard equivalents.


To provide a healthy and enjoyable experience for its clients, we go above and above what is required to ensure that our facilities are cleaner than inside public bathrooms.


Mobile toilets can be frequently cleaned, and they may also feature hand-washing sinks and hand sanitiser dispensers, so that users can go about their business without worrying about spreading germs.