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East Rand Toilet Hire has been providing clean, affordable portable toilets to the people of South Africa for the past quarter of a century.

When it comes to portable toilets, East Rand Toilet Hire has you covered with a wide range of options that won’t break the bank. Thanks to our commitment to providing superior service and first-rate products, the cleanest standards are consistently maintained at all times.

Portable toilets and other facilities are available in sufficient numbers to meet your needs. If you are hosting a high-end event, we can ensure that your VIP guests have access to clean, comfortable restrooms.

Cost-effective convenience in Parktown

Parktown, located between Westcliff and Saxonwold, is one of Johannesburg's oldest neighbourhoods and is home to some of the city's most impressive mansions.


The suburb features some impressive mansions that can hold their own next to any in London. Some of the wealthiest businessmen of the day constructed these extravagant mansions, which became known as "Parktown baronial" due to their distinctive turrets and towers. The original owners' penchant for parties, croquet on the lawns, and lavish parties was clearly reflected in the architects' eclecticism.

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Parktown is one of Johannesburg’s most affluent areas, and its Victorian-era homes and abundance of Sir Herbert Baker-designed buildings contribute to this reputation. In addition, the oldest mansion in Johannesburg was built in this area back in 1896.

Parktown took root when Edouard Lippert bought a large portion of Braamfontein Farm in 1890. He restored and named the ridgetop farm residence Marienhof after his wife Marie. He established the Sachsenwald Forest on the ridge overlooking a vast plain to supply the mines and growing metropolis. The potential for a village atop the ridge inspired him to divide it up into lots.

Lady Florence Phillips found the ridge north of Johannesburg in 1892. The horizon reached from the Magaliesberg mountains and Pretoria in the north to the Sachsenwald forest in the west. She convinced her husband to build Hohenheim, a mansion, there. Affluent families flocked to Parktown almost overnight. Many prominent entrepreneurs built mansions along the ridge and hosted parties, croquet games, and expensive meals to show off their wealth.

Many of the Jameson Raid’s conspirators based themselves in Parktown while plotting their attack on the South African Republic.

In the late 1960s, 56 aristocratic residences were levelled for the Johannesburg College of Education, now Wits Education Campus. In 1975, many more were demolished and homes reduced for the M1 highway, a key north-south thoroughfare through Johannesburg’s northern suburbs.

Northwards, Villa Arcadia, Bishopskop, The Stonehouse, and Brenthurst are the remaining residences built by Baker in Parktown. Other notable estates include J.A. Cope Christie's Dolobran and J.H. Aldwyncle's North Lodge. There are several office buildings and other commercial establishments in Parktown's central business district. The Inyanda House in Parktown is home to Transnet Freight Rail

Parktown Boys' High School, established in 1922, the Deutsche Schule Johannesburg, founded in Hillbrow in 1890 and relocated to Parktown in 1969, and the Helpmekaar Kollege, Johannesburg's first Afrikaanse school established in 1921, are just a few of the prestigious schools located in the neighbourhood.


Parktown and its immediate neighbourhood have evolved into modern Johannesburg's cultural epicentre. The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra is the sole professional orchestra in Johannesburg, and it performs regularly in the Linder Auditorium on the Wits Education Campus. The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Organisation practises right next door in the Williams Block. The South African Ballet Theatre and the South African Youth Ballet are located on the Johannesburg Theatre's land in Braamfontein, just a few blocks away from the Education Campus, which is housed in two Parktown mansions.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Parktown?

From the initial planning stages through the final cleanup, you can count on our expertise and attention to detail. We also place a high value on everyone's well-being and safety. At East Rand Toilet Hire, we have complete faith in our position as the market leader in this sector. Our business provides customers in and around Johannesburg with the highest quality portable toilets available. You can use these restrooms for any event.

Our rapid expansion may be directly attributed to the quality of service we give, and our owner makes frequent, unannounced visits to the office to make sure things are operating well. To keep track of how often and for how long each toilet is serviced, we use cutting-edge tools like satellite tracking.

By taking care of the tedious but essential details, East Rand Toilet Rental frees our customers to focus on what they do best.


What we offer

Use our portable toilet hire in Parktown service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Construction sites, events, and outdoor gatherings can rent portable toilets and sheds/huts. We provide hand-washing facilities, waste management, and conventional, accessible, and urinal portable toilets. We rent huts and sheds for short-term offices and storage. Our services provide clients with clean, pleasant, and secure settings that meet their needs.

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re planning, whether it’s a large-scale music festival or a small-scale community meeting or an athletic competition, there will always be a need for toilet facilities. Our portable toilets come equipped with conveniences like paper towels, soap dispensers, and hand sanitisers to ensure that guests at your event have a nice and hygienic restroom experience. In most circumstances, we supply, set up, maintain, and remove the restrooms. 

More about chemical toilets

One of the best things about a chemical toilet is that it is portable and easy to use. Chemical toilets are a great choice for use in remote areas or at outdoor events because they are easy to move, don't take up much space, and don't need to be hooked up to water or sewer lines. In addition, they use chemicals to break down the waste and get rid of smells. Both of these things help keep the toilet clean and healthy.


Some chemical toilets also have a waste tank that is built right into the unit. This waste tank is easy to take off and empty, which makes these toilets a handy and useful choice for short-term use. We offer an extensive variety of portable restrooms for lease or rental, including high-end restroom trailers, VIP portable toilets, regular chemical toilets, and construction site restroom trailers. We have been a leader in the toilet rental business for more than 15 years, thanks to our commitment to our customers, the quality of our products, and our dependability.

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