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Whether you’re in need of restrooms due to a power or water outage, are organising a construction project, or are having an event, East Rand Toilet Rental has a solution that works for your demands and budget. East Rand Toilet Hire has been providing South Africans with clean, affordable, and easily accessible portable toilets for over 25 years. There are abundant temporary facilities and other amenities available to accommodate your group’s needs. Our luxurious VIP facilities are here and ready for your most exclusive events. East Rand Toilet Hire is focused on delivering exceptional service to each and every one of our customers.

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Springs is a sizeable suburb located east of Brakpan in Johannesburg. The city's name comes from the abundance of natural springs nearby, and it is home to about 200 000 persons. The area is administered by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

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Springs, which consists of various smaller suburbs, is distinguished for its rich property diversity and its racially, ethnically, and religiously mixed population. Selcourt, Krugersrus, Barteron, and Welgedacht are just a handful of the outlying communities that fall under the Springs umbrella. Springs also includes a large amount of undeveloped property in the form of plots, small holdings, estates, and farms.


In 1883, the initial 7-square-kilometer farm from which the city of Springs was developed was mapped out. The first railway in the Transvaal Republic was constructed in 1890 to transport coal from the East Rand coalfields to the gold mines of the Witwatersrand, following the discovery of coal in the area in 1887. The Springs collieries began to shut down over time, particularly after coal was discovered in Witbank, South Africa’s easternmost city.


However, gold was also discovered in the region at around the same time. In 1904, a settlement was established, and gold mining commenced in 1908. In 1912, Springs was officially recognised as a municipality. In the 1930s, Springs was the world’s greatest single gold-producing location, with eight mines generating the precious metal.

Modern and historic buildings coexist harmoniously in this metropolis, showcasing the best of both worlds. The Springs Civic Centre is a spectacular building with a theatre, a library, and a museum, and it is one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks. The cultural and historical significance of this hub to the city cannot be overstated.

Parks, wildlife preserves, and golf courses are just some of the many outdoor recreation options available in Springs. The nature reserves give an exciting opportunity for nature lovers to spot uncommon birds and animals, while the city parks are ideal for relaxation and family picnics. Professional and amateur golfers alike are drawn to the area’s excellent courses and lush greens.

The Palm Springs Shopping Centre, with more than 55 retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options, and The Avenue Shopping Centre, with more than 45 outlets, are both conveniently located in the centre of Springs. These two retail centres provide everything from affordable grocery stores to upscale clothing boutiques.

The N17 motorway provides direct access to the heart of Johannesburg's downtown, and the area's many excellent schools make it a great place to look for a home if you plan to have a family. Springs Boys' High School, Springs Primary and Secondary School, Springs Muslim School, and some facilities for adult education, such as Thanovia School of Fashion Design, can all be found in the neighbourhood.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Springs?

By handling the dull but necessary aspects of our clients' operations, we at East Rand Toilet Hire are able to save them time and money so that they can focus on what they do best. You can rely on us to be thorough and competent all the way through, from the preliminary planning stages to the post-event cleanup. Similarly, we prioritise the health and happiness of our customers and the people we work with. Our company is well-known in the Johannesburg area as the premier provider of luxury toilet trailers for special events.

East Rand Toilet Rental was established in 1994 and has been providing services to the people of Gauteng ever since. The South African-based company is not only a frontrunner in the portable sanitation sector, but is also owned entirely by persons of African origin.


What we offer

Use our portable toilet hire in Springs service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Our company is proud to provide our patrons with American-made portable toilets, the Capitol Event Portable Toilet and the Capitol DeLuxe Event Portable Toilet. These designs feature a toilet with a foot pump flush, a washbasin with running water and a system for recycling used water.

What began as a small company in the black townships providing loo hire for African Traditional ceremonies like funerals and weddings has grown into one of the biggest toilet hire companies in Gauteng, with clients from fields as varied as mining, construction, tv production, unplanned settlements, and education.

We also provide pumping services for septic tanks. The great quality of our service may be solely responsible for our rapid growth.

More about chemical toilets

No matter what form they take or where they are installed, all chemical toilets operate on the same premise. Solid and liquid waste are combined in one bin for chemical treatment. These substances prevent the bacterial decomposition of stored faeces, which is the source of the offensive odour. The chemicals not only sterilise the waste, but also hasten its chemical disintegration, making the inevitable emptying of the collecting container more manageable and less unpleasant.


The use of formaldehyde, quaternary ammonium cations, and glutaraldehyde are all examples of chemicals that are often used. All of these are effective because of their capacity to destroy germs, but they also pose serious risks to humans. Glutaraldehyde is extremely toxic to humans and aquatic life, and it also smells terrible. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic, can harm DNA, and can cause allergies, skin irritation, lung irritation, and eye irritation if used improperly.


So, the potential risks caused by those chemical hygiene additions should not be ignored. It's also possible to buy materials used in chemical toilets that are totally biodegradable. More care must be used whenever chemicals are involved.