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East RandToilet Rental is the only place to go if you need a dependable, high-quality portable toilet. We are able to provide temporary toilet facilities for meetings, construction sites and other venues in and around the Gauteng region. From the moment you have an idea for your event to the very end, we promise to provide you our undivided attention while strictly adhering to all health and safety regulations.

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Van Der Bijl Park, nestled in the centre of South Africa, is a picturesque city renowned for its natural beauty and economic prowess. It is ideally located not far from the metropolitan areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The city has an efficient and reliable transportation system, with roads and highways that are always in good condition.

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History buffs will enjoy delving into Van Der Bijl Park’s fascinating past, which dates back to the early 20th century. In 1920, Hendrik van der Bijl, creator of South Africa’s biggest power utility firm, had the idea for a tiny industrial town that would later bear his name. As gold and other minerals were discovered nearby, Van Der Bijl Park exploded in population and attracted people from all over South Africa. The city’s population and infrastructure grew rapidly during the apartheid era because it was a centre for the steel and industrial industries.

Because of the scorching summers and warm winters, Van Der Bijl Park is a great place to go hiking, camping, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

Recreational opportunities abound in Van Der Bijl Park for both inhabitants and visitors. Water sports including boating, fishing, and canoeing flourish due to the city’s attractive setting on the Vaal River.

Many nature reserves, such as the Vaal Dam Nature Reserve and the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, provide opportunities for outdoor leisure and exploration of the city’s stunning natural setting.

Architecturally, Van Den Bijl Park is remarkable for its eclectic mix of new and old structures. The city’s skyline is dominated by modern, sleek high-rise structures, but its history as an industrial centre is evident in its many factories and warehouses. The surrounding areas of Van Den Bijl Park are just as varied, from affluent gated communities to more modest neighbourhoods. Whether it’s parks, retail complexes, or restaurants, every suburb has its own personality and something special to offer.

Van Der Bijl Park offers convenient access to a wide variety of high-quality educational institutions, medical clinics, and retail establishments. Hoërskool Frikkie Meyer, Hoërskool Hans Moore, and Laerskool Vaalpark are just a few of the excellent schools in the city.

Many hospitals and clinics, such as the Mediclinic Vaal, Midvaal Private Hospital, and the Sebokeng Hospital, can be found in Van Der Bijl Park. These clinics and hospitals make sure locals can get the care they need, whenever they need it, by providing everything from regular checkups to emergency treatment. Vaal Mall, Vaal Walk Shopping Center, and River Square Shopping Center are just a few of the many malls and shopping centres available to shoppers in Van Der Bijl Park.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Van Der Bijl Park?

Since its founding in 1994, East Rand Restroom Hire has provided the community with a highly valued service.

We started delivering portable toilets to East Rand construction sites, civil engineering jobsites, and massive warehouses in the year 2000 with the goals of slow but steady expansion and excellent customer service.

Because of our commitment to these principles, the products we offer are developed with the user's comfort, cleanliness, and happiness in mind. Since all of our portable toilets are manufactured in accordance with the highest international quality standards using the highest quality materials, we are able to offer them at unbeatable prices for events, projects, and other endeavours of any size.


What we offer

Use our portable toilet hire in Van Der Bijl Park service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. We provide portable toilets for festivals, construction sites, and other places within a 100-kilometer radius of Johannesburg. We promise to fulfil and ship your orders quickly.

Our customers can choose from two different types of portable restrooms: the Capitol Event Portable Toilets and the Capitol De-Luxe Event Portable Toilets. These items are all 100% produced in the USA. These units have a toilet that requires the user to flush it with his or her foot, a wash basin with running water, and a water recycling system.

Septic tank pumping services are another one of our specialties. Our phenomenally high-quality service may be the single reason for our explosive expansion. 

As the industry standard, we have achieved Level 1 BBBEE status. All quotes received are GUARANTEED to be sent out the same day, usually within an hour. We have a 24-hour emergency contact number and a dedicated logistics manager who is always available to answer any questions. Because we have such a large fleet of service trucks, we are able to clean over 5000 toilet facilities every single week.

More about chemical toilets

Portable toilets can be a lifesaver for outdoor gatherings and work sites. They are perfect for short-term needs due to their portability and lightweight construction. There are a number of features exclusive to portable toilets that set them aside from their stationary counterparts. Sinks and hand sanitiser dispensers are common fixtures in these areas since they encourage cleanliness and reduce the spread of disease. In addition to providing a comfortable and secure environment, they are built with privacy in mind.


Another advantage of portable toilets is the minimal level of maintenance that is required for them. Self-contained tanks that can hold a lot of waste mean they don't have to be emptied as often as regular commodes. The environmental impact of using portable toilets is further reduced because many of them have water-saving flush mechanisms and biodegradable waste bags.


The employment of chemicals to neutralise and deodorise waste is the most peculiar aspect of a chemical toilet. Instead of using water to flush waste away to a sewage treatment plant, chemical toilets utilise a chemical solution to decompose and disinfect the waste. Biocides, enzymes, and other additives are often used to combat microorganisms and unpleasant odours in the chemical solution. While the inclusion of chemicals in a toilet may raise eyebrows among some, it is an essential feature of chemical toilets that guarantee their safe and sanitary use in a wide range of temporary locations.