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For the past quarter of a century, the people of South Africa have been able to rely on East Rand Toilet Hire to provide them with speedy access to portable restrooms that are both clean and affordable.

East Rand Toilet Hire provides customers with an extensive selection of portable sanitation options that match their demands and are competitively priced. Consistently high standards of cleanliness are maintained as a result of our dedication to providing exceptional service and excellent products.

We have sufficient numbers of portable toilets and other facilities to fulfil your needs.

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Krugersdorp is an area rich in gold, covered beneath a canopy of beautiful green trees. The town is a well-known mining city on the West Rand of Gauteng, perfect for investing in real estate and starting a family. Even now, the region continues to actively mine natural resources like gold, manganese, iron, and lime.

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The city is home to a sports stadium and is rich in historical structures, well-kept churches, and cutting-edge sports facilities. A contemporary business district with malls, eateries, and other amenities is also present in this mining town.

The average annual temperature in Krugersdorp is 16.1 degrees Celsius, making it a moderate and temperate environment. While the hottest month of the year is January (with an average temperature of 20 °C), the coldest month of the year is July (with an average temperature of 9.7 °C). In general, winters see a lot less precipitation than summers do.

Established in 1887 on the Paardekraal property, Krugersdorp served as the regional hub for the newly declared public gold diggings. Two years later, the government allocated 800 Pounds to fund tree planting in the municipality; as a result, despite its status as an industrial centre, the town still features several leafy trees and pleasant parks.

Krugersdorp has the infrastructure, as well as the related facilities and services, of a modern city.

Throughout the central business district and most of the major suburbs, you can find gleaming new shopping malls offering a full range of retail services, and a plethora of clinics and private and provincial hospitals offering first-rate medical care.

Krugersdorp is home to a number of prestigious universities and colleges in addition to some of the greatest elementary and secondary schools in all of Gauteng. Minibus taxis, buses, and other forms of public transit service the city. Flying out of Krugersdorp is convenient for individuals who need to get away on business or for pleasure thanks to the Jack Taylor Airfield. Krugersdorp is located 49 minutes from OR Tambo International Airport, which is located 20 kilometres away, and 26 minutes from Lanseria International Airport on the R511.

If you want to view the "Big Five," you need to visit the Krugersdorp Game Reserve. With 15 different kinds of mammals living in the 1400 hectare region, visitors may enjoy a true African safari from the comfort of their own vehicle or on horseback. The fierce lions are contained in a 100-acre enclosure in the middle of the reserve, so fear not.

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is an absolute must-see for anyone with even a passing interest in fossils and history. The Maropeng Visitor Centre, Wonder Cave, and the Sterkfontein Caves, which are home to some of the earliest hominid fossils in the world, can all be reached in under half an hour by car. Before seeing the caves where the 2-million-year-old Mrs. Ples skull was discovered in 1947, you can take a boat trip and learn about the Tumulus structure in Maropeng.

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By taking care of the tedious but essential details, East Rand Toilet Hire frees our customers to focus on what they do best.

You may count on our expertise and meticulousness throughout the entire process, from initial planning to final cleanup. In a similar vein, we value safety and health highly. East Rand Toilet Hire is certain of its position as a market leader. Our business provides customers in and around Johannesburg with the highest quality portable toilets available.

The rapid expansion of our business is due in great part to the quality of the service we provide, and our owner routinely performs unannounced office inspections to ensure smooth operations. To keep tabs on the regularity and duration of bathroom service, we employ cutting-edge technologies such as satellite tracking.


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Within a 100-kilometer radius of Johannesburg, we can deliver portable restrooms for use at events, job sites, and other places. We take steps to guarantee that the orders you place will be filled promptly and that our products will be available to you whenever you need them.

Any quantity of liquid or semi-liquid waste, whether harmful or not, can be handled by us at any time of day or night.

Our vacuum truck personnel are highly skilled professionals who have pumped countless holding and conservation tanks as well as septic systems.

More about chemical toilets

A chemical toilet, commonly called a porta-potty, is a temporary restroom that uses chemical agents to decompose and hold human waste. One tank stores waste, and the other contains a chemical treatment solution like formaldehyde or chlorine. The waste is combined with the chemical treatment solution in the holding tank, which helps to decompose the waste and eliminate odours. A garbage removal service empties the holding tank at regular intervals. Ventilation systems are an additional feature of some chemical toilets, which are installed in an effort to reduce odours.


Invented by United Sanitation's Harvey Heather in the 1950s, the first portable toilet was made of polyethylene plastic and granted a patent in the United States. Separate from the rest of the building, this chemical toilet was housed in a "strong box" made of sturdy, moulded plastic. In the 1960s, George Harding—along with PolyJohn Corporation co-founders Ed Cooper and George Hiskes—was granted a second US patent for a portable toilet made of polyethylene plastic.