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East Rand Toilet Hire was founded in 1994 as a toilet rental company specialising exclusively in special event services. What started out as a small business in the black townships that rented out toilets for African traditional ceremonies like weddings and funerals has grown into one of the biggest toilet rental businesses in Gauteng. We now rent out toilets for special events, mining, construction, TV production, informal settlements, and schools.

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Prior to its current name, Midrand was formerly known as "Halfway House." Midrand derives its name from its location halfway between the major cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria... halfway from the Rand. Geographically, Midrand encompasses a huge territory that it shares with Sandton, Fourways, and Centurion. Over the years, the territories have expanded to the point that it is difficult to discern between one municipality and another. Midway through the 1990s, Midrand joined the City of Johannesburg officially. Prior to then, it existed as a town in its own right.

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Formerly referred to as the city’s outskirts or even “remote” by some, this is no longer the case. Midrand is currently home to some of the nation’s most desirable corporate headquarters. The imposing PWC building is located in the centre of the Mall of Africa area. Midrand has been home to businesses such as Vodacom, Microsoft, the NCR, and the South African Aviation Authority for years. The Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) is also headquartered in Midrand, as is the secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

Midrand is located on the Pretoria to Sandton line of the Gautrain rapid transit system and is home to Grand Central Airport. The Kyalami Circuit in Midrand is as well-known for its racing as it is for its Lipizzaner horses.

One of the biggest convention centres in South Africa is Gallagher Estate, which is located in Midrand.

Several malls in and around Midrand provide easy access to any and all retail therapy you could possibly want.

Not only is the Mall of Africa one of the largest shopping centres in the country, it also features a cinema where you can watch the newest releases. You won’t be short on options for a shopping spree, either; there are nearly twenty more centres in the immediate area.

The equestrian culture in Midrand is longstanding. Much of the country is still designated as agricultural holdings (or AH) zones. These are the houses found on vast lots, sometimes known as plots. People who enjoy horseback riding tend to live in the suburbs of Blue Hills, Beaulieu, and even some areas of Crowthorne and Kyalami. If you're looking for a luxurious place to live in Johannesburg, go no further than Saddlebrook Estate. Many of the luxurious mansions in Saddlebrook Estate, located in northern Midrand, come with their own stables. Although horseback riders are a natural draw to equestrian estates, the wide-open spaces and rural atmosphere are popular with all kinds of people.

The city of Midrand is home to numerous excellent educational institutions, making it an ideal location for raising a family. Your child can attend any of a number of excellent public or private schools, beginning with preschool and continuing through high school. Best in class medical care is conveniently located for residents of Midrand. Quite a few of these establishments may be found in the neighbourhood surrounding the Waterfall Estate development.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Midrand?

We are a top-tier BBBEE business and the industry standard for portable toilet rental. Guaranteed same-day (usually within an hour) delivery of all received bids. We have a logistics manager on call around the clock in case of any questions or concerns, and our emergency contact number is active at all times. Each week, our fleet of service vehicles maintains over 5,000 commodes.

Also, we do septic tank pumping! Our quick expansion may be attributed entirely to the high quality of service we provide to our clients. Modern tools, such as Satellite Tracking, allow us to monitor when restrooms are serviced and how long each visit takes.


What we offer

Portable Toilets and Temporary Buildings for Construction

A fantastic technique to guarantee that construction workers have access to basic sanitary facilities is to use portable, easy-to-setup toilets.

Renting Porta Potties for an Event

The waste from a portable toilet is collected in a tank similar to that of a standard toilet, however this tank is not connected to the municipal sewage system.

Luxury Portable Restroom

If you have special guests at an outdoor event and need to give them a comfortable restroom, our VIP Trailer Toilet is the way to go.

Aerated Septic Systems

Wastewater is treated in a septic tank by a mix of biological breakdown and drainage.

More about chemical toilets

There are a number of ways in which portable toilets save money:

  • They are a practical and inexpensive choice for temporary facilities like those at outdoor events, building sites, and other such places due to their portability and versatility in terms of installation.
  • They can be cheaper to set up and maintain because they do not need to be linked to an existing sewage or septic system.
  • They are more cost-effective than older models since they require less water for flushing.
  • They require little in the way of upkeep and are simple to clean, which can help save expenses.
  • They're built to last, so long as they're cared for properly, thanks to the high quality of their materials. This can help you avoid spending as much money on regular replacements.
  • The variety of models available for rental is convenient and helps offset the expense of outright purchase.


When compared to conventional septic systems and sewage treatment plants, chemical toilets are more eco-friendly since they require less water and energy to process human waste. However, these systems can fail under heavy loads, leading to contamination of adjacent water supplies. Traditional sewage systems are relieved of some of its burden by biochemical toilets, which use chemicals to decompose waste and lower its volume. In addition, they can be used in places without access to a sewer or septic system because they don't need to be plumbed in. Additionally, they lessen the quantity of water used by standard loos.