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East Rand Toilet Hire was founded in 1994 as a specialised toilet rental service for outdoor and indoor events. What started as a small business in the black townships, catering to the needs of those holding African Traditional ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, has expanded into one of the largest toilet hire companies in Gauteng, serving not only these markets but also the mining and construction industries, television production, informal settlements, and schools. Thanks to our consistently excellent level of customer service, we’ve been able to expand quickly, and the owner even does random inspections on a regular basis to ensure that we’re keeping up with our excellent performance and customer expectations.

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South of Johannesburg in the South African province of Gauteng is where you'll find the town of Meyerton. In the late 1800s, it began life as a Dutch Reformed Church parish, and in 1964, it was recognised as a town.

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Meyerton’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, particularly the production of maize, wheat, and livestock. The town is also home to a variety of large and small enterprises and manufacturers.

 The people that live in Meyerton come from a variety of various cultural backgrounds, demonstrating the city’s diversity.

Meyerton is home to a variety of educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities. One of the finest educational facilities in the region is Meyerton High School. Many famous people, including actor Clement Maosa and ex-President Barack Obama, have interacted with its students. Fishing, bird watching, and game viewing can all be done close to Meyerton at the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. Residents can take advantage of the town's many parks and sports centres. In Meyerton, at the Highveld Horse Care Unit, you'll find the largest equine welfare organisation in the entire Southern Hemisphere. They helped almost 5,000 equines in need in 2018 alone.

The racetrack at Meyerton is very well-known. A drag strip, long circuit track, motocross track, flat dirt track, and skid pan can all be found at the Midvaal Raceway. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, which opened in January 2007, is commonly misidentified as being located in Meyerton, despite the fact that it is actually located in the neighbouring community of Henley on Klip. Henley on Klip is a small town and bird sanctuary located just outside of Meyerton. The SABC's Bloemendal shortwave transmission facilities can be found in Meyerton.

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Why choose us for portable toilet hire in Meyerton?

As a majority-black-owned firm, we have established a new benchmark in the Gauteng portable toilet rental sector.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that our pre-planning through post-cleanup services will be carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. In a same vein, we place a high priority on the health and safety of our employees. We at East Rand Toilet Hire are confident in our leadership position in the portable toilet business. Our customers in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas have access to the most advanced portable sanitation options suitable for any event.

The high quality of the services we provide is largely responsible for our quick expansion, but our proprietor also makes frequent, unannounced trips to the office to ensure that everything is operating efficiently. We utilise cutting-edge technologies such as satellite tracking to keep track of how frequently and for how long each restroom is maintained.

We at East Rand Toilet Hire save our customers time and money by attending to the tedious but essential particulars so that they are free to concentrate on the aspects of their business at which they excel.



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Use our portable toilet hire in Meyerton service to make sure everything goes smoothly at your event. Customers can take advantage of our Capitol Event Portable Toilets and Capitol DeLuxe Event Portable Toilets that are built in the United States. These designs include a foot-flush toilet, a wash basin with access to clean water, and a water recycling system.


Within a 100-kilometer radius of Johannesburg, we offer portable toilets for festivals, construction sites, and other areas. We ensure that your orders will be delivered in a timely way and that our products will be available to you whenever you require them.

More about chemical toilets

Similarly to a standard toilet, a portable one flushes and collects used toilet paper and other waste, but instead of sending it to the sewer, it stores it in an underground holding tank. The portable toilet's tank is housed inside the device, below the seat. Chemicals inside the holding tank decompose solid waste, kill germs, neutralise odours, and minimise the need for toilet paper.

Water from an internal tank flushes portable toilets, while chemicals from the holding tank are used for those that don't have water nearby. Because the waste and liquids are contained within the tank, regular portable toilets do not require access to running water or a sewer connection.


You can use either your hand or your foot to activate the flusher. The toilet's tank's water and/or chemicals are flushed using the pump flush system, which generates pressure to move the contents of the tank via a pipe and into the bowl.


Maintenance staff check on the restrooms on a regular basis to ensure they have sufficient supplies of toilet paper, soap, and cleaning supplies, and that they are thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected.


The installation of a portable toilet is highly advantageous for construction sites because of the ease it provides to workers and visitors. Construction sites typically encompass huge plots of land, with workers dispersed over the site performing a wide variety of tasks. The convenience of the portable toilets ensures that employees may answer nature's call whenever it arises, day or night.


One of the most crucial factors in getting people to use portable toilets rather than the open, is how easily they can be accessed. The work required to disassemble, move, and reassemble a portable toilet is minimal.


Outdoor event planning may be a major hassle. In addition to everything else, you have to cope with whatever the weather decides to do. Guests' bathroom needs are another consideration. It's possible that no convenient indoor options are available in the immediate vicinity. It's considerably more practical if there are facilities close by so that visitors don't have to make a long trek. While attending an event at the local showgrounds or golf course, you may have to go quite a distance before reaching a proper facility with flushing toilets. Having the restroom on hand can be a huge relief.